SPR 2013 Prime KTC: Hisotrical Travel Time Analysis

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Travel time data has many applications such as highway performance analysis, mobility tracking, and cost/benefit analysis of improvement projects. It also provides important input to the Congestion Management Process and travel demand model validation. Aiming to support these applications, KYTC has purchased historical travel speed data for Kentucky roadways. Analysis of the data is needed to produce usable information including measures of congestion and reliability, as well as to provide support for other applications such as air quality analysis and travel model validation. Two categories of the speed data were purchased from NAVTEQ: (1) the one year Analytical Traffic Pattern (ATP) for 2010 and 2011 and (2) the three year Traffic Pattern based on data from 2008-2010. The ATP data for 2010 is based on the Traffic Message Channel network at 15-min interval, while the 2011 ATP is based on the vendor’s street links at 5-min interval. Both of them are directional and are grouped by day-of-the-week and by month. The main objectives of this study are to develop various travel time based performance measures for roadways in Kentucky and establish a tool (in the form of a web portal) to disseminate the process data. These measures can help KYTC to incorporate mobility into project prioritization and help the MPOs on congestion management process.
Effective start/end date7/1/126/30/13


  • KY Transportation Cabinet


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