SPR 21-602: Enhancements to the Crash Data Analysis Tool (CDAT)

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KYTC worked with KTC to develop an advanced crash and roadway analysis tool called the Crash Data Analysis Tool (CDAT). This tool was developed primarily to advance state-of-the-art of safety analysis. The tool also integrates crash and roadway data. It includes post-processed corrections at crash locations to better match to roadway geometrics. Since deployment, users have identified needed improvements that were outside of the scope of the original project that would greatly enhance the tool. In particular, users need a better way to analyze intersections; they also prefer a map-based view option for selecting the analysis area. Also, the need exists to integrate CDAT with the Continuous Highways Analysis Framework (CHAF). CHAF is an application that lets users to collect, track, and analyze identified transportation needs. When new projects are entered into CHAF, it would be beneficial to use CDAT to produce up-to-date safety measures. This project will enhance the tool in two major ways as well as make improvements based on user feedback. In addition, a link will be established between CHAF and CDAT. Finally, the User’s Guide will be updated and relevant training courses developed.
Effective start/end date7/1/206/30/21


  • KY Transportation Cabinet


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