SPR 21-607: Rapid Pothole Repair in Concrete Bridge Decks

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Repairing potholes in reinforced concrete (RC) bridge decks is time consuming and requires significant manpower and equipment (e.g., concrete deck saw, pneumatic hammers, air compressor). This study will identify newly developed epoxy and similar materials that can be used to bond already-cracked material in a pothole without the need for saw cutting the deck around the pothole and removing concrete. A laboratory test matrix will be developed to evaluate the identified material. Based on laboratory test performance, field applications will be carried out and brief pamphlet on repairing potholes in RC bridge decks developed. The study is expected to provide a method for repairing potholes using a smaller crew and without the need for heavy equipment. OBJECTIVES • Test select types of epoxy and similar material to bond deteriorated bridge deck material. Evaluate parameters such as viscosity for penetration into cracks, bond/compressive strength, and set time. • Repair potholes on six selected bridge decks with the assistance of the KYTC bridge crews. • Prepare a guide focused on the applying material for the rapid repair of potholes in RC bridge decks.
Effective start/end date7/1/208/31/22


  • KY Transportation Cabinet


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