SPR 21-610: Variability in KYTC Project Development/SHIFT

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Current KYTC project development processes rely on point or hard data estimates (e.g., traffic and safety forecasts). Variability in these data are rarely accounted for, however. To facilitate improved and more flexible prioritization and performance-based design (the art of design), the magnitude and impact of data variability should be accounted for. This project will assess the magnitude and impact of the variability in collected, estimated, and modeled data. It will focus on the most important data used as inputs into KYTC project plans, programs, and decisions, and develop tools and procedures for using these estimates of variability in decision making. It is anticipated that data variability in most cases increases with timeframes for estimates, yet there can be considerable variability even in data measured today. OBJECTIVES • Understand the magnitude of variability in key KYTC data sources. • Understand the impact of data variability on KYTC project development decisions. • Develop procedures for using knowledge of data variability in the project development process.
Effective start/end date7/1/206/30/21


  • KY Transportation Cabinet


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