SPR 21-611: Optimizing Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Investments and Activities to Improve Safety and Increase Revenue Collections

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With the construction of I-69 in western Kentucky, two commercial vehicle enforcement (CVE) facilities at ports of entry in Fulton County and Henderson County will be bypassed. The Department of Highways is seeking information to determine how or if these facilities should be replaced. With significant declines in KSP-CVE personnel and difficulty keeping current facilities open, it is not clear if these types of facilities merit investment. Further, despite increases in truck traffic, Kentucky has not seen similar increases in the collection of commercial vehicle-related taxes such as Kentucky’s weight-distance tax (KYU) and fuel taxes (KIT and IFTA). The concerns are that limited KSP-CVE staffing may be reducing compliance with not only tax-related regulations, but also safety-related regulations. OBJECTIVES • Improve safety and increase revenue collections by developing a plan to optimize CVE investments and activities. • Identify guidelines for replacing CVE facilities.
Effective start/end date7/1/206/30/22


  • KY Transportation Cabinet


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