SPR 21-612 KYTC Digital Project Delivery

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PROBLEM STATEMENT Modern CAD software increasingly abandons the use of traditional plan sets in favor of more efficient means of digital data sharing and consumption. Adopting each software update requires changes to both the CAD Standards and required design deliverables. In making these policy decisions, KYTC seeks to consider and meet the unique needs of design and design review, construction procurement, construction inspection and asset management. Options include changing the deliverables by scaling back detail on paper (pdf) plan sets and using alternate formats that bidders and construction staff can more efficiently use to deliver projects. OBJECTIVES • Assist KYTC Highway Design/CAD staff in redefining requirements for design deliverables, more closely matching the modern CAD workflow and modern construction methods and aligning with an overall BIM Implementation Plan and Digital Project Delivery. • Assist KYTC staff with capturing issues faced by internal divisions seeking to increase their use of EED. Assist planning and implementation for using 3D design models and design data more universally throughout the Cabinet. • Aid communication between KYTC users of 3D design model data (Electronic Engineering Data, EED). For example, translate between construction and design terminology and processes. • Assist with short- and long-term goalsetting. Plan for and enable strategic implementation of changes to processes within highway design that will take better advantage of the innovations offered by BIM Implementation. • Assist KYTC staff in external stakeholder coordination with engineering consultant and contractor industry representatives, including structuring contract requirements as needed. • Assist KYTC efforts to develop efficiencies through data sharing processes.
Effective start/end date7/1/206/30/24


  • KY Transportation Cabinet


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