SPR 22-614, Steel Bridge Coating Inventory for 2022

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PROBLEM STATEMENT KYTC currently maintains in excess of 1100 steel bridges. At current expected coating service life, properly maintaining the protective coatings of these bridges will require painting at least 50 bridges per year. An up to date inventory of KYTC steel bridges with coating condition assessment is the first step for KYTC bridge maintenance personnel to develop a plan for maintaining bridge protective coatings. The list shall be prepared by contacting all district bridge engineers and having them prioritize bridges based on engineer’s assessment. The final list compiled from district engineer''s office shall be submitted to Division of Maintenance TEBM for future field assessment. Based on these assessments, maintenance coating schedules as well as economical bridge coating strategies such as spot/zone painting or over-coating would be developed. A coatings maintenance plan will include a projected budget which will support requests for bridge maintenance funding. OBJECTIVES Use BrM to mine data for all steel bridges, including toll and county bridges. Sort these structures by their current element coating condition. Sort steel bridges according to bridge type (e.g., truss, plate) and district. Contact all district bridge engineers with the list generated from objectives 1 and 2 to prioritize bridges based on district engineer’s assessment. Present the final list compiled from objectives 1-3 to Division of Maintenance TEBM for future field assessment.
Effective start/end date7/1/216/30/22


  • KY Transportation Cabinet


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