SPR 22-619, Guidebook for Project Management

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PROBLEM STATEMENT At KYTC project development encompasses all work activities needed to move a transportation project from concept and project initiation to construction letting. Developing projects efficiently requires the adoption of sound — and validated — project management practices. Successful project managers have a balanced understanding of how the complex interplay of engineering, environmental, and economic issues affect different stages and facets of project development. Although KYTC has a long track record of executing complex projects, doing so is increasingly challenging due to staff attrition and the attendant loss of institutional knowledge. Today’s entry- and mid-level project managers have more responsibilities than ever but lack a trusted source of guidance to help them manage projects from development through completion. OBJECTIVES • Document the knowledge of experienced project managers at KYTC and other DOTs. • Prepare a gap analysis of KYTC’s project development process. • Produce a comprehensive Guidebook for Project Management for Cabinet project managers that 1) documents proven strategies for managing a variety of project types, and 2) can be used by entry- and mid-level project managers to develop and follow appropriate project workflows. WORKPLAN (Major Tasks and Activities) Task 1: Document guidance from other DOTs on project development, management, and delivery. Task 2: Review in-house guidance and conduct interviews with KYTC project managers (both currently employed and retired) to identify and analyze core project development processes. Task 3: Collect, organize, and synthesize documentation on core processes across divisions. Describe available options and their workflows to complete the process task. Task 4: Perform a gap analysis to identify potential improvements in KYTC’s project development processes. Task 5: Prepare guidebook.
Effective start/end date7/1/216/30/24


  • KY Transportation Cabinet


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