SPR 22-624, Calibration Refinement of AASHTO PaveME Pavement Design Software

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PROBLEM STATEMENT The prior calibration factors were developed based on earlier versions of the AASHTO PaveME software. Recently AASHTO has released various tools which allow for streamlined local calibration of the most recent version of the software. This project will utilize this process coupled with existing pavement design information available and pavement management information from Kentucky projects to refine the local calibration of the AASHTO PaveME software. This updated software can then be used to refine the existing Web-Based design tool to provide more efficient designs allowing for better utilization of funding resources. In addition, the updated software may be used to provide more efficient specialized designs for both rehabilitation and new projects which may fall outside the bounds of the Web-Based design tool. OBJECTIVES The objective of the study is to update the local calibration factors for KYTC’s web-based pavement design guide using the most current AASHTO tools. WORKPLAN Task 1: Review the current state of practice for calibration of the AASHTO Pavmenet ME design process. Task 2: Data collection: Compile new and old pavement design and pavement performance information from KYTC projects to establish calibration data set. Task 3: Conduct updated calibration using the AASHT) Calibration Tool. Task 4: Conduct sensitivity analysis between updated and existing calibrations Task 5: Update web-based pavement design process as needed.
Effective start/end date7/1/216/30/25


  • KY Transportation Cabinet


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