SPR 22-626, Evaluation of Infrared Technology (Pave IR) and GPR for Uniformity Measurements During Asphalt Placement

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PROBLEM STATEMENT This project will evaluate implementation of infrared (IR) imaging — recently proposed by the SHRP2 program — for temperature uniformity measurements on new hot-mix asphalt (HMA) layers. Uniformity of HMA materials is critical to the durability and performance of asphalt. Segregation and inadequate and non-uniform density continue to be major construction-related problems around the U.S., adversely impacting pavement service life. Commonly used quality control testing procedures only provide limited information on the overall uniformity of HMA. Acquiring information that is real-time, non-destructive, and which covers the full pavement width for thermal uniformity will help improve HMA quality. KTC will also evaluate a GPR rolling density device. OBJECTIVES • Determine best practices for using the Pave IR system on asphalt paving • Determine overall impacts of utilization this technology on new asphalt pavements • Evaluate GPR rolling density device
Effective start/end date7/1/216/30/25


  • KY Transportation Cabinet


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