SPR 23-636: Accommodating Innovative Uses of Public Right of Way

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PROBLEM STATEMENT Recent FHWA guidance on non-traditional uses of public right of way (ROW) has increased demand for stateowned ROW. Non-traditional uses include broadband, equipment for connected and autonomous vehicles, alternative power sources (e.g., solar, wind), and small cell wireless equipment (collectively named Clean Energy and Connectivity [CEC]). KYTC needs a structured framework that can (1) enable strategic deployment of CEC facilities on public ROW and (2) support the development of accommodation standards to guide decision making on issues like CEC placement, construction methods, materials, and permitting. OBJECTIVES • Develop best practices for identifying corridor types and/or general locations most appropriate for CEC deployment on public ROW • Recommend physical standards (e.g., location within the ROW, recommended depths, material and construction requirements, permitting costs) for permitting alternative ROW uses • Prepare an action plan for innovative uses of Cabinet ROW
Effective start/end date7/1/226/30/24


  • KY Transportation Cabinet


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