SPR 23-637: Building a KYTC Mentoring Program

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PROBLEM STATEMENT KYTC has lost considerable institutional knowledge over the past 10 years due to retirements and attrition. This has negatively affected the agency’s capacity to fulfill its mission. As KYTC continues to diversify and becomes increasingly made up of post-Gen X staff, it must devise and implement strategies to facilitate the professional development of young employees and strengthen knowledge management. Agencies in the public sector have found that formal and informal mentoring programs can help attract talented new staff, improve responsiveness to emerging stakeholder and customer needs, and equip staff with the knowledge they need to build sound leadership and decision-making skills. OBJECTIVES • Identify mentoring best practices tailored to (1) transportation/public agencies and (2) Millennial and Gen Z staff • Identify educational assets and tools which can help staff effectively mentor young professionals from diverse backgrounds • Establish programmatic approaches KYTC can use to institute and update mentoring programs • Assist KYTC with piloting informal and formal mentoring programs
Effective start/end date7/1/226/30/24


  • KY Transportation Cabinet


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