SPR 23-638: Establishing a KYTC Lessons Learned Database

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PROBLEM STATEMENT KYTC delivers projects that vary widely in terms of scope and timeline. These range from megaprojects (e.g., Louisville Bridges) and multi-year efforts (e.g., Bridging Kentucky, Interstate 69) to emergency repairs (e.g., Brent Spence Bridge fire) and smaller projects geared toward improving safety (e.g., HSIP). Every project generates multiple learning experiences that inform how engineers address ongoing and future projects as well as agency practices. However, often these experiences are translated into tacit knowledge or only informally communicated between staff. Such exchanges are valuable, but they do not create a permanent record that employees — including future hires — can consult. As staff turns over, eventually lessons learned are lost. KYTC needs to develop procedures for documenting lessons learned once projects conclude. OBJECTIVES • Develop an accurate, sustainable, and user-friendly method of documenting lessons learned from different project types. • Maintain a database of best practices for different project types — megaprojects, programmatic initiatives, emergency responses, Six-Year Highway Plan projects, and safety improvements.
Effective start/end date7/1/226/30/24


  • KY Transportation Cabinet


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