SRRME: Precision Agriculture Decision Aids for Risk Reduction

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Prior research has indicated that precision agriculture (P A) has as much or more potential for reducing production risk as increasing profit. This project aims to provide 15 teams (with a county extension agent, a FSA or NRCS representative and 1 or 2 farmers per team) in Western and Central Kentucky with necessary training and tools to use and help others use PAin managing risk. Three workshops that consider the effects of other risk management techniques such as land tenure (e.g., owned land, crop share) are envisioned. Upon completion, we expect participants to be able to 1) identify poor yielding areas for removal ftom production, 2) conduct spatial economic evaluation of Conservation Reserve Program enrollment and 3) use risk maps to identify high risk areas in the field. We anticipate that 10 teams will learn the methods involved and, of these, 5-7 will make plans to adopt and teach the techniques.
Effective start/end date8/15/058/14/07


  • Texas AandM University: $39,976.00


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