Standards-Based Intelligent Tutoring: Electronic Competency Record Build-Out and Evaluation

  • Cardarelli, Roberto (PI)

Grants and Contracts Details


Scope of Work (from draft agreement) Scope of work provided by INSTITUTION shall include: a. Manage all IRB application submissions and updates b. Identify potential study participants through KAN member registry and practicing board-certified Family Physicians c. Approach and detail potential study participants about the study d. Arrange and reserve room and sites for study procedures e. Assist in the setup and breakdown of study sites f. Assist in the management and transportation of study equipment g. Assist in the initiation and administration of the informed consent process h. Assist in providing informed consent copies to study participants i. Administer randomization process as defined by study procedures j. Administer and facilitate teaching and education activities including pre/post tests and associated reminders k. Manage and secure executed informed consents l. Provide information to the ABFM Foundation for participant reimbursement. m. Provide a study close out report to ABFM Foundation n. Manage KAN related project budget
Effective start/end date7/15/149/30/15


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