State Mandated Milwaukee Longitudinal School Choice Evaluation

  • Cowen, Joshua (PI)

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The evaluation team is planning a mixed-methods study of private and private schools set to take place during the Spring 2011 semester. The goal of this analysis is to determine which school features and educational approaches appear to distinguish "over-performing" from "averageperforming" and "under-performing" schools. Both researchers and policy makers have stressed the value of determining what can be done at the school level to produce desirable student outcomes. The evaluation data are especially well-suited to provide such information. The analysis plan is a two-step process: to use the data we have already collected on student achievement growth and student demographics to classify schools as "over-achieving," "average-achieving," or "under-achieving" based on statistical, value-added measures of student achievement growth. The evaluation team will then randomly select two schools from each category in each sector (18 schools total) for Spring 2011 site visits to include confidential interviews with school administrators and teachers, non-disruptive observations of normal classroom activity, and focus group sessions with parents.
Effective start/end date1/1/115/31/11


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