State Matching Funds for NSF Partnership Grant 4-66395

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The National Science Foundation will use these grant funds, in combination with other grant funds to, support innovation and commercialization of natural products through five specific activities: 1. Hosting entrepreneurship forums that provide both an educational and networking opportunity. 2. linking entrepreneurs to a mentorlng network of experts In business development, patent application, or obtaining venture capital. 3. Funding research grants to advance Innovative technologies towards commercialization. 4. Facilitating Internships for students within start-up companies or new projects within established companies. The Intemship program exposes students to the issues and challenges found In new enterprise, builds skills necessary for success as an entrepreneur, and supports the new project or venture through cost-share funds. 5. Creating workforce development activities such as University curricula and training opportunities that advance the skills of students and employees and help meet Industry needs for a highly-skilled, knowledge-based workforce. This grant will be used as a match to federal funds.
Effective start/end date7/1/046/30/05


  • KY Economic Development Cab: $20,000.00


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