State Nutrition and Physical Activity Programs to Prevent Obesity and Other Chronic Disease

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This is a five-year grant targeting all Kentuckians. The grant's mission is a coordinated effort to reduce and prevent obesity and chronic disease in Kentucky. A state action plan using broad community input gathered from nine regional forums held throughout the state has been written. The state action plan addresses six key interventions: increase consumption of fruit and vegetables, increase physical activity, increase breastfeeding, other dietary concerns, decrease TV/computer screen time and parental involvement. The plan targets a variety of venues: business, community, environment, health care and schools. The Partnership for a Fit Kentucky was developed under the grant and is comprised of public and private partners The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) require that the activities funded by the Obesity Component of the Chronic Disease and Health Promotion Program be monitored and surveillance and evaluation tools be developed. This must be done in a scientific manner. CDC recognizes the expertise of the Prevention Research Center for this evaluation. As designated in the grant requirements of the Obesity Component of the Chronic Disease and Health Promotion Program, the University of Kentucky Preventive Research Center will collaborate with the Program Director of the grant to assist in the evaluation and assessment process.
Effective start/end date7/1/076/30/08


  • KY Health Services Cabinet: $58,000.00


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