State Water Institute Program Scope 18: Geospatial evaluation of sewer gas to indoor air pathways relevant for vapor intrusion

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The proposed research project uses geospatial analysis to investigate situations where sewer vapors originating from hazardous waste sites could impact indoor air quality of homes and buildings. Maps showing areas where contaminated groundwater (and vapors) from hazardous waste sites may be entering aging sewer lines will be generated. These maps will identify areas most susceptible for sewer systems to act as preferential pathways transporting hazardous waste contaminants long distances from the original hazardous waste site through groundwater infiltration and flow within the sewer. A summary of the information collected will be generated and tabulated in a manner useful to others interested in the groundwater to sewer gas to indoor air pathway.
Effective start/end date3/1/112/29/16


  • US Geological Survey


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