Statewide Historic Preservation Education, Outreach, and Technical Assistance

  • Pollack, David (PI)

Grants and Contracts Details


1) Conduct archaeological investigations in support of a proposed Boone County waterline proj ect in Petersburg, Kentucky that has the potential to adversely impact Site 15Be6. 2) Complete an amendment to the Prehistoric Rock Art Sites in Kentucky MPS National Register of Historic Places nomination form to include the recently identified Little Creek Pictograph site (15Lr92) in Letcher County; this should be completed in coordination with the archaeologists from the Division of Mine Permits. 3) Design a poster that may be used to facilitate education, public awareness, and preservation of Kentucky's archaeological resources; this poster shall complement, not repeat, the existing "Kentuckians Before Boone" Poster. 4) Other archaeology education outreach initiatives that fulfill KHC's Historic Preservation Goal #2 to "increase understanding, awareness, and involvement in historic preservation through educational programming and technical training."
Effective start/end date1/1/126/30/14


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