Statistical Methodology in Alzheimer's Disease Research/conference grant

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The purpose of this proposal is to bring together biostatisticians, neuroepidemiologists, neuropsychologists, demographers, social scientists, data managers, and interested clinicians and basic scientists for the purpose of discussing statistical/analytical methodology associated with key issues arising in AD research. This is the second such conference; the first, held in May, 1998, was very successful in attracting a mix of quantitatively oriented scientists working in this area. The invited sessions of this second conference will build on that success, and will cover some issues not previously addressed. The specific aims of the proposed conference will cover the following topic areas: 1. epidemiological methodology associated with estimating the incidence and prevalence of AD and other forms of dementia; 2. probabilistic and statistical problems encountered in the systematic identification of genes associated with late onset AD and multivariate methods for the analysis of gene expression data on single neurons; 3. longitudinal data analysis used to monitor the cognitive and behavioral decline experienced by AD patients; 4. methodological issues involved in the design of prospective clinical trials with an emphasis on early detection/prevention of the disease process; and 5. methodological issues involved in the interpretation of neuroimages of the brain both volumetric and functional. In addition, the conference will host a half day workshop on methodologic issues in AD research with an emphasis on issues involved in the planning and implementing of clinical trials for the prevention of AD. The conference will include two contributed poster sessions on related topics with one of these sessions concentrating on student and/or post doctoral research. The conference will have implications for data collection and standardization of measurements made at ADCCs and for data sharing at the national level.
Effective start/end date2/1/021/31/04


  • National Institute on Aging: $48,505.00


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