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This funding will up-date and expand graduate and undergraduate curriculum in ongoing civil engineering transportation courses and the interdisciplinary transportation graduate certificate program. The surface transportation safety components will be enhanced thereby contributing to mission/theme of the Center. A new Kentucky focus on high school students through assisting the Kentucky State University’s Summer Transportation Institute and by assisting (“adopting”) a central Kentucky high school focused on math/science and/or pre-engineering will also be accomplished in full support of the regional safety mission/theme. It is expected that these initiatives will bring significance notice to the challenges and approaches for improving safety and special notice to the STC and UTC program. At a Graduate (and Undergraduate) Level UK provide support for continuing interdisciplinary graduate certificate program (Transportation Systems Management) with enhanced safety content that focuses on casual factors and risk assessment. UK/Civil Engineering is the recipient of a state sponsored undergraduate scholarship program for civil engineers and this support will provide an enhanced safety curriculum largely through provision of additional safety content to existing courses. At a High School Level UK will provide support to insure inclusion of surface transportation safety educational components aimed at developing interest and knowledge, as well as, introducing the challenges to improving safety. UK will also be engaged in developing new safety course modules for the college level including technical and community colleges, as well as, continuing education, in areas such as: bike/pedestrian safety; causal factor and safety risk analysis; and safety consequences of context-sensitive roadway design in conjunction with other consortium members.
Effective start/end date9/30/139/30/18


  • University of Tennessee: $150,001.00


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