Strategic Advisor and Consultant for RWJF Alumni Network

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As a strategic advisor and consultant to the RWJF Alumni Network it will be our responsibility to work with Foundation staff and participants in the RWJF Alumni Network on a number of activities that includes: 1) providing strategic advice and counsel regarding further articulation of the essential components of a successful Alumni Network and the mechanisms and processes required for a comprehensive and integrated Network, 2) identifying strategies for increasing the involvement of alumni that have not yet responded to invitations to participate, 3) identifying and implementing strategies for development of robust mentoring, skill building, and collaboration opportunities for Alumni, 4) facilitating or working with facilitators, fellows/scholars/leaders to enhance the productivity of Roundtable activities, and 5) working with RWJF evaluation staff on metrics for assessing the process and outcomes of the Network and the impact RWJF fellows, scholars and leaders have had on health and health care in the United States. In addition, it will be our responsibility to monitor and contribute content to the Alumni Network website and newsletter.
Effective start/end date11/1/098/31/11


  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: $75,000.00


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