Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP) Maintenance Effectiveness Study of Rigid Pavements (SPS-4); Federal-Aid Research Task No. 59

  • Allen, David (PI)

Grants and Contracts Details


The Kentucky Transportation Center will establish a contract with an independent vendor for removal of joint seals and sealants, and traffic control during construction. Specifically, an independent contractor will completely remove from three (3) 12-foot travel lanes and two (2) 10-foot shoulders approximately 4,480 lineal feet of neoprene joint seals from approximately 80 transverse joints, approximately 1,200 lineal feet of neoprene joint seals from two (2) longitudinal joints, and approximately 1,800 lineal feet of hot-poured joint sealant from three (3) longitudinal pavement joints in the Control and Joint Sealing sections. One longitudinal pavement joint approximately 600 feet in length and 40 transverse pavement joints, or approximately 2,240 lineal feet (an approximate total of 2,840 lineal feet), will then be resealed in the joint sealing section using silicone sealant meeting SHRP specifications. Traffic controlllane closure of approximately one mile will be provided by the contractor.
Effective start/end date7/1/058/15/06


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