Strategies and Technologies to Optimize Resources in Controlled Environment Agriculture

  • Owen, William (PI)
  • Ingram, Dewayne (CoI)

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Objective Quantify energy, water, and carbon used to grow greenhouse crops in large-commercial greenhouses. Validate the impact of existing crop production models and expand life cycle assessment models for selected model crops with an emphasis on energy, water and carbon inputs. Collaboratively determine the economic consequences of selected greenhouse crop production inputs and processes. Outputs: Energy, water, and carbon benchmarks for greenhouse production. Results will be published in peer-reviewed journals and in trade magazines. Approach Direct and indirect use of energy, water, carbon, and nutrients will be measured using data collected from commercial greenhouses. Using carbon and water footprint models developed using life cycle assessment, the model crops will be validated and additional benchmarks will be developed to help growers evaluate their internal use of resources and the environmental impact, as well as compare their resource efficiency with that of the industry.
Effective start/end date8/1/1912/31/22


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