Strong Dads, Resilient Families

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The purpose of this grant is to provide educational programs for fathers/father figures and their families. The audience to be reached is fathers/father figures ages 18 and older in Todd (western) and Wolfe (eastern) counties. Todd County has 60% of its children on free and reduced lunch (185% of poverty) and Wolfe County has 78% (Kids Count, 2011). The primary goal of this project is to strengthen parenting skills of fathers as a means to promote family resiliency. Short-term objectives include an increase in parenting skills and understanding of basic child development among fathers/father figures; increase in community collaborations and partnerships on issues and programd pertaining to fatherhood; and opportunities for fathers/father figures to engage in program planning and evaluation processes. Long term objectives 1. Positive youth development is promoted by fathers/father figures increasing their application of effective parenting skills. 2. Healthy social, emotional, and physical development in children is stimulated by fathers/father figures being more involved in their children’s lives. 3. Increase numbers of positive male mentors in the lives of youth by increasing fathers’ involvement in youth development programs, extension and the community. Data are collected using a multi-methods approach to include common measures, other surveys, observation, focus groups and interviews. The program model utilized is the National Extension Parent Education Model (NEPEM). The program vision employs a multi-disciplinary approach that views fathers in the context of the family and community and develops programming based on local needs grounded in research. The national CYFAR outcome addressed is Parent/Family. The primary curriculum to be used in each community site is 24/7 Dad™.
Effective start/end date8/1/137/31/17


  • National Institute of Food and Agriculture: $510,000.00


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