Student-Athlete Well-Being Scale (SWS)

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In recent years, the NCAA has taken necessary steps to raise awareness of student-athletes’ mental health needs. It is recommend practice that all athletic departments offer mental health screening and resources (Klenck, 2014). As sport psychology and mental health professionals are becoming members of athletic department medical teams, it is important that we begin to implement ways to adequately screen student-athletes for psychological distress and track their progress as they receive psychological services. However, there is currently no culturally informed standardized screening measure that is used by athletic departments to screen student-athletes, evaluate their overall psychological wellbeing, or track student-athlete mental health treatment outcomes. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to create a psychometrically sound yet user-friendly measure named the Student-Athlete Well-Being Scale (SWS) that will be designed to serve as both a screening tool and outcome measure. For example, athletic trainers, medical professionals, mental health professionals, and sport psychology professionals can use the SWS to ensure that student-athletes are being screened for symptomology of psychological distress. Additionally, the SWS can be used to track session progress and outcomes of student-athletes utilizing mental health services to help athletic departments keep record of treatment progress.
Effective start/end date3/1/19 → 5/31/21


  • National Collegiate Athletic Association: $6,700.00


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