Studio STEM: Engaging Middle School Students in Networked Science and Engineering Projects

  • Schnittka, Christine (PI)

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Studio STEM is an ITEST Strategies project to implement and evaluate an inquiry-based studio experience supported by information and communication technologies (ICTs). Studio STEM uses engineering design activities that integrate digital modeling and game development tools, and social networking technologies to engage students in investigating concepts and skills in science (e.g., alternative energy resources, energy transfer, and energy sustainability), technology (e.g., social networking technologies, multimedia software), engineering (e.g., engineering design processes), and mathematics (e.g., mathematical modeling, graphing), collectively referred to as STEM. As a collaboration between two departments in the School of Education at Virginia Tech, and the College of Education, University of Kentucky, in partnership with the Center for Enhancement of Engineering Diversity at Virginia Tech, Studio STEM challenges students to creatively solve real-world issues related to energy and the environment. Organized around a series of networked science and engineering projects, multimedia representations of designed artifacts are shared through a Moodle social network, creating an online collaborative environment that complements hands-on activities. The objectives of the project include that: (a) Over 500 students, site leaders, and facilitators will gain knowledge and skills in STEM/ICTs; (b) Students will have higher levels of efficacy in STEM/ICT-related activities; (c) Students will be more likely to value STEM/ICTrelated activities (i.e., find them interesting, important, and useful); and (d) Students will understand how STEM/ICT knowledge and skills are useful in STEM/ICT careers.
Effective start/end date8/1/116/30/12


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