Success in Algebra - Year 2

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Building on the success and lessons learned of the previously funded IEQ proposals who have worked with special needs math teachers, this project will provide the content and strategies, including interventions, for special education teachers to facilitate and develop effective classroom experiences for their students. The content focus will be on developing a deeper understanding for the teacher participants on number concepts as they relate to success in algebra. The interventions are necessary for special needs students who have gaps in learning so they are prepared for and can be successful in Algebra I courses. This proposal is targeted to work with a total of 20 special education middle and high school mathematics teachers from five districts: Breckinridge, Grayson, LaRue, McLean, and Meade Counties. The project design and subsequent facilitation will utilize the expertise from a broad partnership led by the P-12 Math and Science Outreach office of the Partnership Institute for Math and Science Education Reform (PIMSER) at the University of Kentucky, Morehead State University and the PIMSER Master Teachers (Regional Teacher Partners/RTPs). SIA Year 2 Project Outline and Activities Teacher participants Add a third day to the summer workshop in June 2014 (first two funded by Year 1) 2 cadre meetings in Fall 2014; 2 cadre meetings in Winter 2015 3 day summer workshop in June 2015 Administrator Participants One meeting in early in 2014-15 academic year Will be invited to attend the Showcase on the afternoon of the last day of the 2015 summer workshop Coaching The first part of Year 1 coaching started with teachers needing more time to discuss specific strategies for their students and dealing with accessibility issues with their specific students and contents. The second half of year 1 will be the switch from more instruction time to seeing more classroom impact. Teachers will be asked to begin videotaping segments of lessons showing different strategies that we have introduced. In Year 2, local administrators will become more involved in the coaching visits, thus building the local capacity for sustainability once SIA has concluded.
Effective start/end date1/1/148/31/15


  • KY Council on Postsecondary Education: $120,000.00


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