Summer Health Experience (SHE) in Oncology Program

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Title: Summer Healthcare Experience (SHE) in Oncology Program Program abstract: The University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Center’s Summer Healthcare Experience (SHE) in Oncology Program aims to empower Kentucky high school student leaders who identify as female with experiences, activities and discussions that introduce them to the incredible breadth of career and leadership opportunities in the field of oncology. Oncology is the branch of medicine concerned with the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and study of cancer. SHE specifically targets young women with an interest in science and medicine, who identify as underrepresented in the sciences (i.e., racial or ethnic minority, low income, first- generation college-bound, and/or living with a disability). Applicants must be a current sophomore, junior or senior from a Kentucky high school. SHE in Oncology Program participants will work virtually with other students from collaborating institutions that are running their own SHE Programs. These collaborators are the University of Texas at Austin, the University of Chicago, the University of Michigan and the University of Pennsylvania.
Effective start/end date7/1/2212/31/22


  • American Cancer Society: $8,925.00


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