Supplement: Equipment: Mid-scale RI-1 (M1:IP) EduceLab - Infrastructure for Next-Generation Heritage Science

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We request funds for visualization system hardware to be installed as EduceLab is prepared for ultimate commissioning as a Heritage Science user facility. EduceLab consists of four operational clusters – BENCH, MOBILE, FLEX, and CYBER – each of which will provide unique scientific and technical capabilities for studies in Heritage Science. The visualization hardware will allow scientists, users, and guests to see results from the operational clusters. It will also support teaching and training activities once the facility is commissioned. The components of the visualization system that will support the work are as follows: Component 1: Entry Wall with Artifacts The entry wall will be a projection system that integrates projected images with artifact cases containing real objects from the William S. Webb Anthropology Museum collection (collection curated by the Museum). This entry wall will using projected imagery to contextualize a curated set of real artifacts, setting the tone for various objects of interest that are being or will be studied. Component 2: LED Context Wall The Context Wall will be capable of showing any complex dataset or imagery, designed to showcase operational capabilities, current work, and to contextualize the infrastructure and its application. This wall will be multi-purpose and will support all operational clusters (as well as the Museum) for various activities, including training, teaching, project co-design, and project showcases. Component 3: 3D Scientific Display Area The 3D Scientific Display area will support the scientific analysis of data and results geared toward evaluating intermediate results and making measurements and decisions. This display area will support both 2D and 3D display and will be multi-user enabled. Component 4: Pillars of Science Designed to enhance the scientific approaches represented down the hallway of the EduceLab space, the Pillars of Science will be coordinated displays down the corridor of the FLEX and BENCH areas. Transparent LEDs on the pillars in a vertical form factor will light up with information about the science being conducted in each area. These displays will coordinate with equipment, projects, and the stories being told around the results coming from the infrastructure. Component 5: The Inner Chamber The Inner Chamber display is a final display area at the far end of the corridor, supporting a secondary display area for teaching/training as well as a corridor endpoint for storytelling as viewers move through the EduceLab space.
Effective start/end date10/1/219/30/26


  • National Science Foundation


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