Supplement: Functional Studies of Dicer1 and Alu RNA in Geographic Atrophy

  • Ambati, Jayakrishna (PI)

Grants and Contracts Details


As we continue our work on the aims for the above NEI R01 grant, we have developed a need for a new gel documentation and blotting detection machine. Until recently we have used a UVP Gel Documentation system for these purposes. Unfortunately, over the past year this system has experienced numerous software and mechanical malfunctions that have resulted in both costly repairs and significant delays in experimental data acquisition. Despite a number of repairs, this aging system remains unstable, preventing the completion of our proposed grant-funded aims. As a consequence, I am writing to request an administrative supplement in the amount of $114,148 to purchase new gel documenting and blot detection systems. The UVP BioSpectrum Imaging System is optimal for our animal genotyping documentation, and the Lycor ODYSEY CLx Infrared Imaging System is ideally suited for our experimental needs. Acquisition of these systems will significantly enhance our ability to successfully complete the proposed aims.
Effective start/end date2/1/121/31/14


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