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The goal of the proposed GMaP Region 1 North Hub is to enhance the capacity of cancer centers, academic partners, community partners and trainees to contribute to the reduction of cancer health disparities by disseminating relevant information, fostering collaborative research applications and community outreach efforts related to cancer disparities including biospecimen collection, and facilitating the career development of minority researchers. To reach this goal, the following aims are proposed: 1) Increase opportunities within the GMaP Region 1 North catchment area to attract underrepresented trainees and investigators to the biomedical cancer enterprise; 2) Develop resources and linkages to increase biospecimen and cancer health disparities research and education in underserved and minority communities in the region, in partnership with NCI National Outreach Network (NON) Community Health Educators (CHEs) and other strategic partners;3) Increase disparities-related information dissemination and resource/best practice sharing within the region to promote resource efficiencies and increase awareness of regional funding, training, and job opportunities in the biomedical cancer enterprise; 4) Increase the number of grant applications in cancer health disparities throughout the region, with special emphasis on increasing the quantity and quality of applications for NCI CURE Program funding; 5) Enhance access of underrepresented investigators and trainees located within the region to career development and mentoring opportunities, in cancer health disparities and biospecimens related research; and 6) Continuously evaluate GMaP R1N Hub progress toward reaching project goals. To achieve these aims, we are proposing a Career Development (CD) Initiative and a complementary Biospecimens/Biobanking (BB) Initiative. The R1N Regional Coordinating Director (RCD) will oversee implementation and evaluation of these Initiatives, with support from a Leadership Team, Advisory Committee, and CD and BB Workgroups comprised of stakeholders from throughout the region. Quarterly surveys with all stakeholders will be implemented to measure the effectiveness of Initiatives in increasing regional applications for NCI funding, including CURE funding, increasing biospecimen research and awareness of biospecimen donation, and evaluating R1N dissemination and communication strategies.
Effective start/end date7/8/136/30/23


  • National Cancer Institute


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