SUPPLEMENT: IGERT: Building Leadership Through a Program on Engineered Bioactive Interfaces and Devices

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Recently, our IGERT Trainee, Ashley Hawkins, was one of twenty-four Poster Finalists winners of the IGERT 2011 Poster Competition, which was held at the National Science Foundation on May 25, 2011. Her poster was entitled ?Biodegradable hydrogel scaffolds for tissue engineering?. She received an award certificate from IGERT Program Directors Carol Stoel and Ram Ramasubramanian at the IGERT 2011 Poster Competition Finalist Award Ceremony. This supplemental request is to receive the substantive part of the award, announced as $3,000 plus 8% indirect cost for participant support cost in travel funds for Ashley Hawkins to attend a workshop, conference, short course, or engage in field work relevant to his/her project. Once completed, the supported travel will be reported in the web-based Annual Survey.
Effective start/end date7/29/098/31/13


  • National Science Foundation


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