Supplement: University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Center Support Grant - Reducing Cancer Health Disparities in GMaP Region 1

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The overall goal of the proposed GMaP Region 1 Hub is to advance our mission of addressing the problems of cancer health disparities in our region by building on infrastructure that has been developed over the last 5 years. Efforts to address cancer-related health disparities require collaborative, interdisciplinary activities across a wide range of organizations, each having their own strengths and approaches. We are uniquely positioned to make a significant impact due to our long history with GMaP, our multi-institution approach, our long-standing partnerships, and the ability to maintain and enhance our existing committees rather than start as a new program. To reach the goal of addressing cancer health disparities in the region, the following aims are proposed: 1. Increase opportunities within the GMaP Region 1 catchment area to attract underrepresented trainees/students and investigators to the biomedical cancer enterprise. 2. Enhance access to underserved communities for NCI and other programs within the region to engage communities in research via NCI National Outreach Network (NON) Community Health Educators and community organizations. 3. Increase disparities-related information dissemination and resource/best practice sharing within the region to promote resource efficiencies. 4. Increase the number of grant applications in cancer health disparities throughout the region. 5. Enhance access of underrepresented investigators and trainees located within the region to career development and mentoring opportunities. 6. Continuously assess progress toward reaching the project goal. To achieve these aims, we will utilize a unique Regional Coordinating Director structure and a previously developed and successful organizational structure to maintain our momentum in striving towards our aims. By continuing the activities of our existing committees and workgroup, we will have the infrastructure to advance our overall mission of minimizing cancer health disparities and improve the health of the populations we serve.
Effective start/end date7/8/136/30/16


  • National Cancer Institute


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