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PROJECT SUMMARY The overarching goal of the University of Kentucky SuRE Resource Center (UK-SuRE), supported by an NIGMS U24 grant, is to assist faculty and Office of Sponsored Project (OSP) staff at SuRE-eligible institutions (<$6 million in NIH funding, >25% PELL eligible students) prepare and submit competitive NIH grants applications, with an emphasis on SuRE and SuRE-First awards. To accomplish this goal, UK faculty and research support staff with experience in all aspects of NIH grant applications will share their knowledge with those at SuRE-eligible institutions through a series of webinars, workshops, and direct consultation. Three regional coordinators will provide vital links between faculty and OSP staff at SuRE-eligible institutions and faculty and research support staff at UK-SuRE. This center will also coordinate biennial SuRE Conferences and oversee a competitive seed grant program that will provide funds for SuRE-eligible institutions to establish or grow OSPs. Specifically, four aims are proposed: (1) Assist SuRE-eligible faculty write grants and manage research programs, with success being measured by number of grants submitted, scored, and funded; number of publications, seminars; and meeting presentations; and tenure and promotion outcomes; (2) Assist SuRE- eligible institutions to establish and grow OSPs and research infrastructure, with success being measured by growth/establishment of OSPs in SuRE-eligible institutions, number of research grants received and overall research funding at these institutions, and questionnaires for SuRE faculty regarding the quality of in-house OSP services; (3) Grow the number of institutions that participate in the SuRE Program and establish an interactive community of SuRE-eligible institutions, with success being measured by the number of institutions that participate in webinars, attend the biennial conference, and submit NIH grants (with an emphasis on SuRE applications), as well as the amount of peer-to-peer faculty mentoring and social media engagement; and (4) Enhance the research experience for students who are working in NIH-funded labs in SuRE-eligible institutions, with success being measured by student conference presentations, authorship on publications, degrees earned, and post-graduate employment. Taken together, these activities will enhance the research capacity at SuRE-eligible institutions and promote high-quality, student-centric biomedical research. In the process, these outcomes will contribute to diversifying and strengthening the nation’s research enterprise.
Effective start/end date9/5/228/31/23


  • National Institute of General Medical Sciences


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