Support for Kentucky's Dept. of Vehicle Regulation in Preparation for Startup of Customer Service Center -- Research Study-State No 14

Grants and Contracts Details


The objectives/tasks of this project are as follows: 1. Provide consulting support to DVR in development and implementation of visual management tools for the ese, to allow visual tracking of project progress and achievement of goals; 2. Assist DVR in the establishment of a "war room" (i.e., a project management room) for the project, with clearly identified and posted operational principles, goals, project master plan and detailed plans, problem solving activity, and results measurement; 3. Assist DVR in identifying and clarifying goals, metrics, and key performance indicators; 4. Provide coaching and training in the problem solving process for key DVR team members; 5. As needed, facilitate teams to address specific problems that are encountered during the project; and 6. Design and develop pre-launch and post~launch training programs for DVR management and staff.
Effective start/end date2/1/109/30/11


  • KY Transportation Cabinet: $59,772.00


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