Support for the Cumberland Gap Tunnel US 25E ITS Project: Federal Aid Research Task No. 103

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The Kentucky Transportation Center (UK), working through the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, will partner with the TRW Project Team to support the development and implementation of an Intelligent Transportation System specific to the Cumberland Gap TunnellVS25E ITS Project. The KTC will identify an individual to function as KTC's focal point for all matters pertaining to their support of this project. This individual will interface directly with the TRW Project Manager on all project matters. KTC will also furnish the staff and resources required to effectively and efficiently support the tasks identified below consistent with the schedules to be provided. We anticipate that the ITS systems and services will encompass the majority of the ITS User Services and Bundles as defined in the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, User Services Summary dated January 1995. This project will focus on the US 25E corridor from the intersection of 1-75 near Corbin, Kentucky to the intersection with 1-81near Morristown, Tennessee. However, the entire region will be considered for ITS planning purposes. Even though Virginia is not specifically included within the project corridor, Virginia's proximity to the corridor places them as part of the region. As such, VA DOT will be included in the regional planning. Particular attention should be placed on their ITS and construction plans in the region as these may impact the corridor. Involvement of the VA DOT will provide awareness of corridor ITS activities that may impact them. We anticipate KTC will be directly involved with the TRW team in developing, fostering, and maintaining public Outreach on the program, development of Stakeholder involvement in the program, and support to the development of the Regional ITS Development Plan.
Effective start/end date7/1/0012/31/04


  • KY Transportation Cabinet: $103,183.00


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