Support of Commercial Vehicle Operations and Maintenance

  • Hunsucker, David (PI)
  • Crabtree, Joseph (CoI)

Grants and Contracts Details


The Kentucky Transportation Center (KTC) provides expertise and support for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet's (KyTC) electronic screening program .for commercial vehicles. The Center will continue to serve as the KyTC's intermediary in the operation and maintenance of Kentucky's electronic pre-screening program. KTC personnel will monitor performance of roadside and scale house equipment on a daily basis at Kentucky's stations that are equipped with the mainline automated clearance system (MACS). Center personnel will perfonn preliminary maintenance functions when troubles are detected and direct the activities of the maintenance contractor to eliminate any detected malfunctions of the system in an efficient and expeditious manner. KTC staff will perfonn the necessary follow up to confirm that work perfonned by the maintenance contractor meets KyTC's expectations. Center personnel will work very closely with, and depend upon weigh station personnel within the Division of Vehicle Enforcement to ensure continued operation of the system. The Center has also been heavily involved in the development ofModelMACS, the new host computer software for the pre-screening program. The ModelMACS software has been operating at those Kentucky weigh stations equipped with the necessary roadside equipment for pre-screening activities and some training on the use of the new program has been achieved. However, Center personnel will continue to conduct additional training activities for weigh station and vehicle enforcement personnel as required. Training of Kentucky's weigh station and vehicle enforcement personnel in the use and functions of the ModelMACS software will continue on an as-needed basis throughout this budget period. Further, it is anticipated that additional weigh stations within Kentucky will be equipped with the MACS technology during this budget period. At the request of the KyTC, Center personnel will facilitate the purchase of automatic vehicle identification (AVI) equipment for electronic screening, assist in the installation and coordinate and perfonn acceptance testing of the equipment and system. Center personnel will be responsible for installing the ModelMACS software at these Kentucky weigh stations on computers supplied by KYTC. Host computers will be set up to reflect AVI communication requirements for the ModelMACS software. KTC staff will provide necessary training to both weigh station and vehicle enforcement personnel for proper system operation. Training and technical support will be provided on a continuing basis to the weigh station and vehicle enforcement personnel.
Effective start/end date7/1/016/30/04


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