Support of the French tobacco sector in mechanization of Burley tobacco

  • Wells, Larry (PI)

Grants and Contracts Details


FOUNDATION will provide recommendations, analysis and assessment regarding mechanical burley tobacco harvesting and cured leaf processing during 2013 as follows: 1. FOUNDATION will provide assistance in monitoring the tobacco curing process in mechanically harvested racks during September - October 2013 in France. 2. FOUNDATION will provide assistance in analyzing tobacco producers' practices during the 2013 curing process. 3. FOUNDATION will provide a comprehensive report describing the key points of the curing technical management. 4. FOUNDATION will propose a new concept for manufacturing and utilizing curing racks in order to decrease the production costs. 5. FOUNDATION will provide a report describing development of an experimental system being developed by the University of Kentucky for preparing whole air-cured burley tobacco plants for marketing. 6. FOUNDATION will welcome a French delegation to the U.S. to observe operation of the experimental market preparation system. 7. FOUNDATION will organize in the U.S., a meeting of the French delegation and researchers at University of Kentucky for the Burley tobacco, and North Carolina State University for the Virginia (flue-cured) tobacco, in order to exchange information concerning the U.S production techniques, specifications, and varieties that could be tested in France. 8. FOUNDATION will organize a visit of a French delegation to a tobacco stemmery in the U.S.
Effective start/end date4/1/1312/31/13


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