SUPPORT: Supporting Positive Pregnancy Outcomes in Rural Towns

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The purpose of this project is to implement and evaluate a group prenatal care program for pregnant, substance abusing women in rural Appalachian Kentucky, entitled SUPPORT - Supporting Positive Pregnancy Outcomes in Rural Towns. Prenatal care is vital to the health of mothers and infants alike. However, research shows that rural women, and women who abuse substances, are less likely to receive prenatal care. Further, exposure to substances in utero is linked to impaired growth, behavior, and cognitive function. SUPPORT will provide a culturally-sensitive, 1O-session prenatal care program that includes enhanced prenatal care and substance abuse-related services. The overall goal of SUPPORT is to enhance educational, support, and preventive services for rural, high-risk pregnant women who are using substances (i.e., alcohol, drugs, and tobacco) through establishment of a group prenatal care program in Leslie County and Perry County Kentucky~ The objectives are: (1) To reduce substance use during pregnancy; (2) To improve pregnancy outcomes among substance abusing women, including increased birth weight and decreased preterm birth rates; and (3) To understand and improve the psychosocial well-being of pregnant women and their families. Fifteen women between 16 and 24 weeks gestational age and currently using substances, including alcohol, tobacco, illicit or prescription drugs, will participate in a prenatal care group in each county for a total of30 participants. We will evaluate the success of the program by examining the following measurable outcomes: birth weight and gestational age in comparison to statewide norms, reductions in/cessation of substance use, reductions in/cessation of tobacco use, and number of prenatal care visits. The SUPPORT program will contribute to improving the overall health of mothers and children alike, while reducing documented health disparities among residents in rural areas.
Effective start/end date3/1/0712/31/08


  • March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation: $24,680.00


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