Supported Math Accessibility Reading Tool (SMART)

  • Lewis, Preston (PI)

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(1), (4), & (5) Human Subjects Involvement and Characteristics: We have just begun the process of applying for IRB approval. The Human subjects/characteristics of the subject popuJation wi]] include approximately 20 middle school students, ages 14-15, with a range of identified educational disabilities (i.e., Learning disabiJities, mild cognitive disabilities, other health impairments). Criteria for inclusion are students for whom use of print in barrier to learning, and that use technology supports (i.e., text reader) to gain access to literary and math materials. Excluded wilJ be students who do not have identified educational disabilities or print disabilities and or that do not need or utiJize text reader technology to access the general curriculum. Student involvement wi]] consist of participation in interviews and observations regarding their use of new technologies to gain access to complex math content. (2) Sources of Materials. The materials that wi]] be collected include performance data of students and interviews with teachers and students. The interview protocols, as we]] as the data collection results, will be kept in the strictest confidence and will be maintained on a secure server that only the Co-Directors will be able to access. No identifiable names will be maintained. All individuals will be given a number to track participants. (3) Recruitment and informed consent and assents. All participants will be provided with a full understanding of this project and parents of student with disabilities will be asked to agree. Individuals or their parents will sign informed consent forms. Records wi]] be maintained in locked file cabinets and computers that the Co-Directors, only, will have access to. The IRB is not being asked to modify or waive any consent or assent requirements. (4) Potential Risk to the participants wilJ be minimal and all data wiJl be kept confidential. No records wi]] be kept of the individual and just the numbers will be used to maintain consistency. (6) Importance of Knowledge to be Gained: The knowledge gained in this research will have considerable impact on deJivering educational materials that relate to core content of the public schools for persons with disabilIties. There is very little data on adaptations to core content that enables meaningful translation to these populations of students and there needs to be a valid means of testing and implementing research based techniques. (7) Co]]aborating Sites: The colJaborators have agreed to carry this program in the strictest natures and will follow all guidelines set by the UK Office of Research Integrity. All records will be maintained in the strictest confidence, with no linkage to students' or teachers' names. The colJaborators wi]] be assisting in the collection of data but will be forwarding it on and will not have copies or reference of the materials collected. University of Louisville also requires submission of an IRB for institutional approval, which is in progress.
Effective start/end date10/1/079/30/10


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