Surface Textures for Enhanced Seal Lubrication of Tapered Roller Bearings Using LIGA

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The Research and Development proposed herein will improve the operating characteristics of traditional rolling-element bearings and the applications to which they contribute through the development and application of MEMS/microstructures in two major categories. First, we will develop low-cost MEMS strain-sensing modules and the means to rapidly bond them to steel and other structures in large quantities. In addition to wire-based solutions, we will also develop modules for wireless data telemetry and power coupling to enable total systems-level solutions for the MEMS sensor modules. This will open the door toward providing low-cost load sensing for many applications. Second, we will explore the use of microstructures to improve heat transfer and lubrication phenomena to decrease friction and improve bearing life.
Effective start/end date6/1/025/31/05


  • University of California Berkeley: $570,149.00


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