Surface Water Quality Assessment for Training Area 7 and 8 Wendell H Ford Training Site

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The Kentucky Department of Military Affairs (KDMA)/Kentucky Army National Guard (KYARNG) is requesting that the Kentucky Geological Survey (KGS) conduct a surface-water-quality assessment for Training Areas 7 and 8, Wendell H. Ford Regional Training Center (WHFRTC), Muhlenberg Co., KY. The collection and analysis of water-quality samples during this proposed project will enable DMA/KyARNG to evaluate and quantify their environmental stewardship of the land and water resources of these sites. The baseline data provided by the project will enable DMA/KyARNG resource managers to identify areas where potential remedial actions or best management practices must be designed and implemented to minimize deterioration of water resources on the base and guide future land uses at these sites.
Effective start/end date9/22/1412/31/16


  • KY Department of Military Affairs: $190,400.00


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