Sustainability - Port Audit, TA 44

  • McCormack, Sarah (PI)

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OBJECTIVES: „h Develop an educational seminar designed for port operators to explain sustainability and how it can be applied in a port facility „h Conduct a roundtable discussion with port operators to identify a number of national initiatives and to rank the importance/feasibility of initiatives „h Assemble a draft audit template based upon discussions with port operators and visits to two port facilities „h Prepare a final report and presentation with a focus on performance measures a. Major Tasks and Activities: b. Educational Seminar: This seminar will examine the concept of sustainability and how it can be applied to port facilities. It will achieve this through an examination of the benefits of sustainable business and a comparison of activities taking place at port facilities in North America. The seminar will be interactive and involve a number of exercises to motivate the audience. c. Roundtable Discussion: This discussion group will be comprised of port operators from across the state. Participants will be presented with a number of sustainability activities that are currently being conducted at port facilities in North America. The participants will then rank these initiatives based upon a number of criteria, including their feasibility and applicability to Kentucky port facilities. d. Draft Audit Template: This draft template will cover a number of topical areas including energy use, waste management, transportation logistics, infrastructure, construction and maintenance. The template itself will be based upon the results of both the roundtable discussion and port visits. e. Final Report: The final report will present all material developed throughout the study. This includes the seminar material, the roundtable summary, the audit template and justification, and the presentation material intended for the Transportation Research Board.
Effective start/end date4/1/126/30/13


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