Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) 2023

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Plan of Work Indicate planned outcomes for FY2022/203 encompassing the program goals: 1. To continue a colloquium/seminar series on food system sustainability, offered at interested land-grants during site visits. 2. To continue implementing a podcast series exploring exciting, complex, nuanced, and controversial aspects of food systems. Target audience: Listeners with moderate to advanced knowledge on issues in sustainability. Outreach efforts will focus in particular on populations affiliated with land-grant universities (1862 and 1890). 3. To plan, hold, and process listening sessions at two site visits annually to gain insights into how to improve progress towards the goals listed above. 4. To meet with of administrators or faculty of land grant universities during site visits to broaden understanding of opportunities and needs viz-a-viz faculty engagement with the SARE Program. Key Strategies Indicate planned key strategies related to the following program activities: 1. The lead to the SARE Outreach Team to promote SARE among administrators, faculty, staff, Extension and community stakeholders. 2. Collaboration with the SSARE Professional Development Program to maximize and strengthen the effectiveness of sustainable agriculture efforts at the state level. 3. Collaboration with the SSARE 1890 liaison and minority and limited-resource outreach specialist in efforts related to diversity, equity and inclusion, as well as strengthening partnerships with 1890 land-grant institutions. 4. Partnership building between SSARE, NGOs, and the LGU system related to grant program promotion, resource training and information sharing.
Effective start/end date9/1/238/31/24


  • University of Georgia: $105,000.00


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