SWE YOU WIN ENGR (SEE YOU WINNING) - Women in Engineering Recruitment Event

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The attached application was submitted by DOW Chemical partner, Gwynn Shoopman-Wesley, who contacted UK Engineering Society of Women Engineers advisor Kim Sayre to collaborate on a day-long conference for high school students interested in engineering. Shoopman-Wesley won the $11,000 grant from DOW Chemical’s ERG ALL IN fund, which designates outreach funds to employees to host events with partners (such as the University of Kentucky). After Shoopman-Wesley won the grant, DOW sent the funds to their grant-funding third party, CAF America. CAF America has earmarked the funds from DOW for UK Engineering to host this event in 2021. This event is a recruitment and outreach event for engineering. Attendees will include high school students and teachers, they will be invited by school district (specifically in DOW Chemical service areas/areas of interest for targeted student recruitment).
Effective start/end date1/1/226/30/26


  • Charities Aid Foundation of America: $9,500.00


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