Synthesis of Research Results: Regional Implementation of Warm Mix Asphalt

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Warm mix asphalt (WMA) is the generic name for any of several technologies currently used to reduce the mixing and placement temperatures of hot mix asphalt by 50-100 degrees F. The number of states piloting and evaluating WMA projects is growing each year and WMA technology is becoming more prevalent in routine roadway construction across the country. Research has shown that the addition of additives which increase workability may also increase in-place density. Increases in density have been shown to improve pavement performance. Additionally, lowering the mixing temperatures should cause the binder to undergo less oxidative hardening which should produce a more flexible pavement and could possibly extend the life of the pavement. The reduction of stiffness in the material although good for fatigue life, increases the materials susceptibility to rutting. This synthesis will summarize the results of warm mix research completed to date, state pilot projects and implementation status. Deliverables should include recommended implementation tools and/or additional research if needed to enhance implementation of this technology in the region. The results of this project will be applicable to researchers, agencies, and contractors alike. The proposed synthesis will offer a centralized location for warm mix asphalt research results to be summarized and synthesized, therefore reducing confusion across the industry. The results would provide an unbiased, straightforward description of the technology, as well as resources that will enable the reader to make informed decisions regarding warm mix and its application. Be it a contractor that has yet to produce his first ton of warm mix, or a government employee trying to revise his state’s warm mix specification, this synthesis will be a tool that can be used to shed an unbiased light on the decisions at hand.
Effective start/end date10/1/121/31/14


  • Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development: $29,962.00


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