Synthesis On The Contributing Factors And Effective Countermeasures For Low Volume Roadway Fatality Rates In The Southeast

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It is well documents that low volume roadway crashes account for a larger portion of fatalities on the roadway networks within the Southeastern US. Many State Highway Agencies (SHAs) have identified this problem and are working to combat the high fatality rate in low volume roadway crashes. This synthesis study will attempt to bring identified contributing factors to low volume crash fatalities as well as effective countermeasures used by different SHAs to combat the fatality rates on low volume roadways. The primary objective of this synthesis project is to document the contributing factors and potentially effective countermeasures employed by SHAs for low volume crash fatalities. A literature search will identify completed and ongoing studies being conducted that relate to low volume roadway fatality rates in the US. The search should identify examples of contributing factors and effective countermeasures exist to prevent or reduce low volume roadway fatalities. These factors will be documented along with the best practices and countermeasures employed to date to reduce the number of low volume roadway fatalities. A final report and a presentation will be the ultimate deliverables of the work.
Effective start/end date3/1/1911/30/19


  • Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development: $39,997.00


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