Systems and Services Research for a Culture of Health Planning Grant

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This planning grant encompasses activities to oversee the formation of a national technical advisory committee for the purpose of defining a new program direction for public health research funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF). The proposal, not to exceed $200,000, is prepared at RWJF’s request and general direction for the following activities. The proposed project activities will include but are not limited to the following, and all will be completed in collaboration with RWJF staff: • Identify and recruit 10 national research experts to participate in a RWJF Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) that will undertake a 9-month planning process. In cooperation with RWJF, identify potential members and leadership for the TAC, issue invitations and develop contingency plans as needed; • Organize and lead discussions of the TAC members through three in-person meetings to be held in different locations across the country. Schedule meetings to accommodate the members and at strategic points in the planning process; • Assist the TAC in examining new program direction options, defining key elements of a funding opportunity for next generation research in public health, and identifying candidates to be invited to apply for the funding opportunity; • Prepare the funding opportunity announcement consistent with the direction defined by the TAC; • Release the funding opportunity to invited applicants using RWJF electronic proposal system, communicate and orient applicants to the proposal requirements, manage the proposal review process with the TAC, identify finalist proposals to recommend to RWJF, inform successful applicants and finalize budget negotiations, and assist with startup activities for the new awardees; and • Prepare reports and respond to information requests from RWJF as needed
Effective start/end date1/15/151/14/16


  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: $199,435.00


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